Weather Direct

2 Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster

  • 2 Day Accurate Weather for Over 60,000 Locations
  • IN/OUT Temperature
  • Time and Date Sets Itself
  • No Subscription Required

Display: 5.25" L x 1.125" W x 5.625" H
Temp Sensor: 1.5" L x .8" W x 5" H

Gateway: 6.6" L x 1" W x 1.6" H


All Features:

  • Free Accurate Forecasts - No Subscription
  • 2 Day Accurate Weather for Over 60,000 Locations in the United States and Canada Including Your Hometown, Parks, Sports Venues, Golf Courses and More
  • To See The Location List Click Here
  • 2 Day Forecasts: Specific Forecasts for Each Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night
  • Daily HI / LOW Temperature Forecasts
  • Indoor Temperature (°F/°C)
  • Wireless Outdoor Temperature (°F/°C)
  • Scrolling Lower LCD Section: Scrolls Wireless Outdoor Temperature, Selected Location, Sunrise, Sunset, and Selected Location Forecast
  • Upper-Right Corner of LCD Toggles Date, Seconds and Indoor Temperature
  • Time Alarm
  • Time and Date Sets Itself
  • 330 Ft Wireless Range
  • No WiFi or Software Installation Necessary
  • High-Speed Internet, Network Router and Computer for Web-Based Set-Up are Required
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Wireless Temp Sensor and Weather Gateway

Weather Direct® by La Crosse Technology® gives you easy access to the same quality weather as meteorologists 24 hours-a-day without turning on a TV or a computer! It works without Wi-Fi, there is NO software to install, and the forecasts are totally FREE. NO subscription required.

The included TX-50U wireless temperature sensor monitors your backyard temperature.

The Secure Weather Gateway connects to your network router with the included LAN cable to send secure wireless forecasts to the display - 24 hours a day without turning on a TV or computer. A wireless range of 330 feet allows you to put the display device almost anywhere you want. A PC is only required for one-time easy set-up or to customize features. High-speed Internet and network router are required.

System Includes:

  • Wireless Display (5.25" L x 1.125" W x 5.625" H)
    • Indoor Temperature Range: 14.1°F to 100°F (-9.9°C to 37.7°C)
    • 3 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Secure Weather Gateway (6.6" L x 1" W x 1.6" H):
    • Powered by Included AC Adapter
    • LAN Cable Included to Connect to Network Router
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor (1.5" L x .8" W x 5" H):
    • Outdoor Temperature Range: -39.8°F to 139.8°F (-39.8˚C to 58.9˚C)
    • Mounting Hardware Included
    • 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Battery Life Up To 2 Years

Weather Direct® is Expandable - Click here to learn more.

View Forecasts for 4 More Locations on Your Wireless Display (Total of 5):
In addition to your standard location, Weather Direct® allows you to monitor four more forecast locations on your Wireless Display, for a total of five. This option now allows you to keep an eye on the weather in other places in addition to your primary location, like where your daughter goes to school, your favorite vacation spot, your parents' house and more.

Add Forecast Alerts:
Receive a Text Message or Email Alert When the Chance of Rain/Snow, HI/LOW Humidity, or HI/LOW Outdoor Temperature is Outside of Your Desired Range. The Wireless Display Will Also Sound Audible Alarms.

Add Severe Weather Alerts:
Keep your family safe with Severe Weather Alerts issued by the National Weather Service. This valuable information will help you prepare for upcoming weather events. Choose which types of severe weather events you want to receive for up to three locations. Even be alerted via e-mail or SMS text message when you are away from your Wireless Display.