Weather Pro - Advanced Features, Sensors, & Software

Wireless Weather Station
Remote monitor for home & backyard with alerts


• Backyard temperature & humidity
• Wind, rain & barometric pressure
• Indoor temperature & humidity
• Weather alarms & storm warning
• Works with or without a computer

2 Different Set Up Options:
(1) Monitor your home & backyard weather with the Stand-alone Weather Station. (2) Download and install the HeavyWeather PC Software if you wish to interact with weather data on your computer.


Works with or without a computer

How will you use your weather station?

#1) Stand-alone weather station
Set up your weather station and outdoor sensors following the quick set up guide or manual. No computer or USB transceiver required.

Stand-alone Weather Station Documentation:

Hardware Quick Setup

Hardware Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

#2) Computer-connected weather station with PC Software
PC Software stores weather data & syncs time/date to your PC. Create graphs, update user settings, set weather alarms & more (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8).

Once the weather station is setup and receiveing sensor data (see #1 above), download and install the latest version of the Heavy Weather Pro PC software. Connect the USB transceiver to your computer to share weather data.

Stand-alone Weather Station

Quick Setup



PC Software:
Heavy Weather Pro 2800 (1.54):