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LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY - Frequently Asked Questions


Remember for your digital wall clock to work properly it must be started correctly using good quality alkaline batteries and the time must be set.

Section 1 - LCD
Question 1   The LCD is faint
    Replace the batteries
Section 2 - WWVB signal has not been received
Question 1   No reception of WWVB signal


  1. It may help reception to face the front of the Atomic Clock in the general direction of Ft. Collins, Colorado.
  2. Wait overnight for signal.
  3. Be sure the Atomic Clock is at least 6 feet from any electrical devices, i.e. TV sets, computers, or other radio controlled clocks.
  4. Remove batteries for five minutes, reinsert and leave the unit alone overnight without pressing buttons.
  5. If problems persist contact La Crosse Technology via email at or by phone at
    608.782.1610 .
Section 3 - Time Display
Question 1   Hour is incorrect, however, the minutes and date are correct.


  Be sure correct time zone and daylight saving time are selected.
Section 4 - Temperature Display
Question 1   "OFL" appears in the indoor temperature section of the LCD


  Move the atomic clock to an area with warmer or cooler surrounding temperature. Current surrounding temperatures are outside measuring range.
Question 2   "--.-" appears in the outdoor temperature section of the LCD.

1. Remove the batteries of both units for one minute, then reinsert them.

2. Move the atomic clock closer to the transmitter or place the transmitter closer to the atomic clock. Make sure the clock is at a receivable range from the transmitter.

3. Move the units to another location. Interferences from other electrical devices operating on the same signal frequency (433MHz) may prevent correct signal transmission and reception.

Question 2   "OFL" appears in the outdoor temperature section of the LCD.


  Wait until the current surrounding temperature cools down or increases. Current temperature is outside of the measuring range of the transmitter. The outdoor temperature will be displayed again once the current surrounding temperature is within the range of the transmitter.

Check the polarity on your batteries to make sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment. Also make sure that you are using a new good quality alkaline battery.

If you need more information on your product, please consult the manual or contact customer service