LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY - Frequently Asked Questions


To function properly, the weather station must be started correctly using good quality alkaline batteries and the time must be set.

Section 1 - Outdoor temperature displays as --.-

Question 1   Weather station not started properly

In order to establish proper communication between the display and outdoor transmitter it is important that they be set up as follows:

  1. Bring both units inside and have the units 3-5 feet apart with nothing in-between them.
  2. Remove the batteries from both units.
  3. Press one of the buttons on the display at least 20 times to clear all memory. Verify that the display is blank before proceeding.
  4. Using a good quality alkaline battery place them back into the remote sensor; making sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment. Next, taking care not to press any buttons, reinstall the batteries in the display according to the diagram in the battery compartment.
  5. Do not press any buttons for at least 15 minutes after installing the batteries. (Let them establish a good connection.)
  6. An outdoor temperature should be showing on your display. You can now put your outdoor sensor back outside.
Question 2   Outdoor Transmitter not placed properly

In order to get an accurate reading and to prolong the life of your sensor we recommend that you have it in a sheltered area out of the sun and direct rain. Fog and Mist will not affect the sensor, but a soaking in water may. If your sensor becomes soaked, removed the batteries and allow it to try overnight; then restart the station (see section 1A). You can mount it outside under an eve of your house or any other suitable place that will keep it out of the sun and rain. Do not wrap the sensor in plastic or seal it in a plastic bag.

The maximum transmission range is 300 feet in a straight line (line of sight). Exterior walls and obstructions will reduce transmission range by as much as 25-30 feet while interior walls and similar obstructions will reduce transmission range by as much as 15-20 feet. (An obstruction would include anything that is between the line of sight like a roof, walls, floors, ceilings, trees, etc.) For best signal reception the transmission range should be greater than the line of sight distance between the transmitter and receiver. Certain building materials as well as electrical interference may also affect signal reception.

If further assistance is required please contact customer service.


Section 2 - Time does not display properly

Question 1   WWVB signal has not been received
  1. If you have not yet installed the batteries or plugged in the weather station and it shows a time, remove the scratch-guard from the LCD panel.
  2. This weather station receives a signal from Ft. Collins, Colorado (WWVB) to set it to atomic time. Sometimes, due to adverse weather or atmospheric conditions you will not be able to receive a signal immediately. The best way to get a signal is to put your weather station in a window facing Colorado until you see the tower icon appear.
  3. If your time is off by an increment of 1 hour, change your time zone to match your location.
Question 2   Change the way the date is displayed
    Press and release the OUT/+ button
Question 3   The date is displayed backwards
    When the clock is set to military time (24 hour), it will also show the date in the military fashion as well.

Section 3 - The weather station beeps periodically

Question 1   The alarm is set

The time alarm can be turned ON and OFF by pressing and releasing the ALM/DATE button.


Section 4- Display is blank

Question 1   Batteries may need to be replaced

Check the polarity on your batteries to make sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment. Also make sure that you are using a new good quality alkaline battery. If the display is still blank after following these steps please contact customer service.