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"Perfect for snow birds"
"..what we wanted when we are away... text alerts will give us peace of mind... when we travel.."
Minnesota Homeowner

La Crosse Alerts®
Remote Monitoring & Alerts

You can’t always predict problems, but you can improve response time with auto text & e-mail alerts to help you minimize repair costs and protect the things you care about.* Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely monitor La Crosse Alerts® sensors even when you're away.*

What monitors are best for you? Prevent damage caused by frozen pipes, leaky roofs and mold from high humidity.* Choose from wireless remote temperature & humidity monitors, hot tub, spa & patio monitors, or water leak detectors.

We have a new product! La Crosse Alerts Mobile® hardware is ready for purchase. New users can sign right up and get started immediately! CLICK HERE to check it out!

La Crosse Alerts

Temp. & Humidity

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  • In or out temp. & humidity
  • Hot tub, spa & patio
  • Aquariums & terrariums
  • Cold storage
  • Computers & servers
  • Greenhouse, farms, kennels

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Water Leak Detectors

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  • Sink, dishwasher & washing machine
  • Basement & utility room
  • Water heater & sump pump
  • Near plants
  • Pet's water dish
  • Leaky window or roof

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Weather & Indoor

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  • Monitor indoor conditions & backyard weather
  • Outdoor temp. & humidity
  • Wind & rain
  • Barometric pressure
  • Indoor temp. & humidity
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La Crosse Alerts™
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"Keeps an eye on moisture to prevent mold"
"...[monitors] the moisture level [so I know] if there is a possible leak... "It is very easy..."
Alabama Homeowner

"Different than other weather stations"
"When on vacation I can check the temperature of my snake's terrarium [for] peace of mind.."
Washington Pet Owner

New User

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Create my account & activate my new La Crosse Alerts™ item.

  1. Register & create your account on
  2. Then select the product model.
    It's easy. The website guides you through each step.
  3. Enter the activation key that is included in the package when prompted.

Current User

Log In

Log in to monitor current item(s),
OR activate my add-on sensor with the registered Internet Gateway:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Then select the product model.
    It's easy. The website guides you through each step
  3. Enter the activation key that is included in the package when prompted.

What You'll Need to Get Started >

  • Package contents
  • Internet Gateway (if not included in package)
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Web browser and Internet connected network router
  • Begin near your network router

Required Hardware for La Crosse Alerts Systems

Use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to view sensor data on The Internet Gateway (sold in complete sets) connects to your network router and sends sensor data to your account on

Temp. & Humidity Monitors

How it Works
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Place Sensors Around Your Property
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerts - The remote temperature and humidity sensor monitors your property & sends you early warning text & e-mail alerts if it detects temperature and humidity levels that are outside of your desired range.*
  • Place sensors below a sink, in the basement, near a water heater, on the patio, in next to your hot tub or aquarium with a probe to monitor water temp., or next to your refrigerator with a probe to measure freezer temp. 
  • Some models also include probes to monitor water, air or soil temperature.
  • Add sensors around your property to monitor different areas.*

Water Leak Detectors

How it Works
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Place Sensors Around Your Property
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerts - The remote water detector monitors your property & sends you early warning text & e-mail alerts if it detects water.*
  • Place sensors below a sink, near a dishwasher or washing machine, in the basement, near a water heater or even by a sump pump.
  • Some models also monitor temperature and humidity.
  • Add sensors around your property to monitor different areas.*

#1 Support Issue

New Batteries:
Use name-brand alkaline batteries dated at least 7 years in advance. Test the battery voltage to ensure it is at least 1.48 on a voltmeter that reads in numbers.

Support Request

Submit your support request online for service times 2 to 3 times faster than phone support.

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La Crosse Alerts™

Have a remote monitoring or alerts question? We have online resources to help you get up and running quickly.

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Top Solutions for LaCrosse Alerts™

(1) Batteries: Test the battery voltage to make sure the batteries work. The voltage should be 1.48 or higher on a voltmeter that reads in numbers.

(2) Manual: We know you don't like reading manuals. Neither do we. To make it easy, we replaced the La Crosse Alerts™ manual with step-by-step instructions on to guide you through setup & answer questions along the way.

(3) Check the location: Is the La Crosse Alerts™ device within 200 Ft. or less from the Internet gateway for good reception?

(4) Not working: Devices recover from most issues in 24 hours. If it does not recover on its own, unplug the Internet Gateway for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

(5) Network router: La Crosse Alerts™ devices work with most network routers. If you need a network router to connect your Gateway to the Internet, we recommend the following network router.

Customer Experiences

“Perfect Snow Bird Item” – Traveling Homeowner from Minnesota

We live in Minnesota and live full time in our motor coach in the winter months. This product appears to be just what we wanted to keep an eye on our Minnesota home when we are away. Our neighbors had a costly problem with frozen pipes a few years ago. The text alerts will give us peace of mind that we won't have this problem. Set up took about 15 minutes and we are very happy that we do not need a computer at home for the temperature alert system to operate since we take our lap top computers with us when we travel.

“Keeps an eye on it” – Homeowner from Alabama

I live in a home on a crawl space and monitoring the moisture is very important. Mold grows under a house when there is too much moisture. I have had to have mold removed from my crawl space twice in the six years we have lived here. Attempting to control the moisture is difficult when you don't know how much moisture is there. The La Crosse Alerts wireless monitor system allows me to always know the moisture level and if there is a possible leak under my home. It is very easy to set up and connect to the Internet. I can check the temperature and moisture level under my home from any computer or wireless Internet device. I am very pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone who lives in a home on a crawl space.

“The best probe for my needs” – Food Distributor from New York

We've purchased one La Crosse Alert unit and are pleased with the ease of use and set up. We are now ready to implement several more throughout our warehouse facility. We've recently purchased additional warehouse space down the road and it is great to know we can monitor temperature in the facility 24/7.

“Different than other weather stations I've owned” – Pet Owner from Washington

I have my sensor inside the house, with the probe in my snake's terrarium. What's nice is when I'm on vacation I can check the website and see the temperature of my snake's terrarium and have some peace of mind. Sometimes I worry about him getting too hot or too cold while we're away. Last time we went on vacation, the furnace broke; we came home to a freezing cold house. Had I had this then, I would have known and could have called maintenance (we rent), and it could have been fixed by the time we got back.

“Reliable and Accurate” – Homeowner from Wisconsin

I have been a user of the La Crosse Alerts System (Temperature and Humidity) for over a year now. I use it to monitor my attic, where I keep several items that could be damaged by temperature and humidity extremes. I do have some climate control but at times it will fail or not be able to compensate. The alerts let me take action before any damage is done. Without it I would never know conditions got out of range. It has been reliable and accurate and I could not be more pleased.

Employee Experiences

“If it wasn’t for the alert I received…” – Hot Tub Owner from Wisconsin

I have an outdoor hot tub located in Wisconsin which I keep running all year round. On New Year’s Eve I was out with friends when I received a text telling me that the temperature of my hot tub cabinet had dropped to below my acceptable level. When I arrived home at 2 AM I lifted up my cover and saw that the control panel lights were off. The breaker switch in our fuse box had tripped and I was unable to flip it back on. I found out that the heating element on my hot tub had broken and needed replacing. I was leaving town the next day so decided to drain the hot tub and fix it when I was back home again. I would never have checked my hot tub if it wasn’t for the alert I received, and I would have had to deal with frozen and broken pipes and possibly even a new hot tub! Thanks La Crosse Alerts.

“Saved our fish” – Pet Owner from Wisconsin

My husband has a 70-gallon fish tank and we use a La Crosse Alerts system to monitor the temperature of the water. One day we received an alert that the temperature had risen to above the upper parameter we had set. My husband checked the tank and found out that the thermostat had quit working and the heater was continuing to heat up that water. If we hadn’t been alerted, several, if not all, of our fish would have died before we noticed there was a problem.

“Accurate temperature readings” – Homeowner from Wisconsin

I used the La Crosse alerts to test how cold my freezer in my refrigerator would get. I put the sensor inside the freezer and then logged in to to check the temperature dropping. It accurately measured the dropping and rising of temperature. I also tested the probe part, by putting probe in refrigerator to check that is keeping cool enough. I also had the wet probe inside our hot tub to accurately measure the temperature I had set (102 degrees). When I turned the temperature down to 70-80 degrees, our La Crosse Alerts sensor would let us know. The bottom line is this product gives peace of mind and works excellently and accurately. I would use it on anything I deem important that’s affected by temperature or humidity.

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