Company History:

Founded in 1985, we are a multinational company with a small-town philosophy of servicing our customers to the highest level. Our consumer electronics products include radio-controlled clocks and watches, wireless weather stations, power monitors, and other measuring devices. We introduced radio-controlled clocks to the US market in 1991 and continue to be on the cutting edge of this technology in America.

Our weather instruments, clocks and watches are calibrated daily to the atomic time standard of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

La Crosse Technology products are available for purchase at thousands of retail establishments across North America.

Excellent Customer Service Center based in the United States:

It is important to us to provide excellent customer service to everyone. If you have not found the answers to your product questions in this site, please contact a member of our highly trained technical support staff Monday through Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm Central Time.

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Mail: La Crosse Technology, Technical Support · 2817 Losey Blvd South · La Crosse , WI 54601

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La Crosse Technology has locations around the world:

  1. La Crosse Technology USA services North America.
    All of our instruments default to fahrenheit, inches, mph and our atomic time pieces are tuned to 60 kHz, WWVB radio signal in Fort Collins Colorado.

  2. La Crosse Technology France is our sister company in France that has offices, warehouses, and workshops near Strasbourg - in the heart of Europe. Their service area includes Belgium, Spain, Italy and other Southwestern European countries.
    (Address : 6A, rue du Commerce- F-67118 Geispolsheim - +33388555240)
    E-mail :

    La Crosse Technology France sells the same products as La Crosse Technology USA with one important difference: All products sold in Europe meet European standards and regulations which are different from the USA standards and regulations. (Temperature is measured in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, and Pressure is measured in Hecto Pascal instead of Inches/HG.)

    La Crosse Technology France instruments receive the 77kHz DCF radio controlled signal from an antenna located in Frankfurt, Germany, while La Crosse Technology USA instruments receive the 60 kHz WWVB signal from an antenna located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

  3. Technotrade services Germany and surrounding countries