Weather One - Wireless Forecast Stations

Wireless Color Weather


Wireless Color Weather Station provides precise, real-time weather data straight from your backyard. New -- Monitor forecast and temperature trends and set high/low temperature alerts. Animated color forecasts react to changing barometric pressure. Monitor in/out temperature and humidity with daily min/max records -- all on one easy-to-read color display with adjustable brightness.



All Features:


  1. Outdoor temperature (°F / °C)
  2. Signal strength icon for sensor transmission
  3. Outdoor temperature trend indicator
  4. Outdoor temperature alerts (low / high)
  5. Outdoor humidity (%RH) with trend indicator
  6. Animated forecast icons
  7. Forecast tendency indicator
  8. 12/24 hr. atomic time and date (manual setting)
  9. Perpetual calendar (day / month / date)
  10. Indoor temperature (°F / °C)
  11. Indoor temperature trend indicator
  12. Indoor temperature alerts (low / high)
  13. Indoor humidity (%RH) with trend indicator

Additional Features

  • Back light control (high / low / off)
  • Outdoor heat index and dew point
  • Min. and / out temperature
  • Station and sensor low battery icon
  • Atomic reception indicator
  • Snooze / alarm icon


Weather Station

  • Indoor temperature range: +32°F to +122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Outdoor temperature range: -40 °F to 140 °F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Humidity range: 19% to 97% RH
  • 5.0V AC adapter for primary power (included inside lower panel)
  • Requires 3 “AAA” Alkaline batteries for backup (not included)
  • Battery life over 3 years with A/C adapter in use
  • 8.34" L x 1.03" W x 5.48" H (211.836 x 26.162 x 139.192mm)


  • Wireless sensor transmits outdoor temp. and humidity
  • 200 Ft. wireless transmission range
  • Battery life over 1 year with reputable batteries
  • Powered by 2 “AA” Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Use Alkaline batteries for temps.: -20°F to 140°F (-29°C to 60°C)
  • Use Lithium batteries for temps.: -40°F to -20°F (-40°C to -29°C)
  • 2.4"L x 1.3"W x 3.78"H (64 x 36 x 101mm)