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It's the name of our YouTube Set-Up Video Series and also what you're saying about our La Crosse Technology products online.


"Top 10 Best Wall Clocks. Besides as a time keeper, the addition of a wall clock will beautify your office or home, and will make a modern or classical design of your room feel more complete. So if you like to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, and are looking for the best wall clock, the list below will simplify your search.

"For some of us, a professional home weather station is overkill. Many of us are just curious as to what the conditions outside are before we venture out each day. For these people, we recommend a good indoor outdoor thermometer, and La Crosse Technology’s V10-TH fits that bill."

"After researching 40 indoor outdoor thermometers and narrowing down the results to a final six, which we then tested over 30 hours, our pick for the best indoor outdoor thermometer is the La Crosse Technology WS-9160U. Although basic in feature set, the design is best-in-class, giving you an easily readable screen from across the room — a feature many of the other units lacked."

"I love knowing about the weather and how my day is going to be without having to search online or walk outside. In California we change our wardrobe with the weather and this week to next might be the differences in shorts & t-shirt weather to ‘must go to the beach or a swimming pool’ weather. Winters are about the same, but really like other people’s fall. We kinda have a saying that California has two seasons, summer and fall. Or two temperatures, hot and really hot. So, waiting up and getting ready for the day means figuring out if it is a flip flop sorta day. I found this super awesome Wireless Weather Station by La Crosse Technology and not only does it help with the temperature it also does a dozen other things! No more needing an alarm clock, speaker, cell charger, etc. This has all that and more."

"And coming in at #1 on our list the La Crosse 515-1316 might just be the last clock you ever need. It sports a super large display perfect for conference rooms, kitchens, classrooms and more. It also features auto-updating features for daylight savings time. It self sets the time and date, comes with a calendar view and you can hang it on a wall or leave it free-standing."
10 Best Atomic Clocks 2016 -

"I first became interested in an Internet of Things (IoT) 926-25102 device when I realized they could help me grow my plants. Once I got it working, I was obsessed with the data. I could log on during a hot day and monitor the temperature and humidity to make sure the misting system was working."
protoTYPEING: history of the Internet of Things, part two-

"So, I rent a house in the suburbs in Central Florida.  My son, my dogs and I share a quaint and comfortable living space with relatively no issues.  Until recently, that is.  Central Florida is currently experiencing record heat! 100+ degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures combined with an average 77% relative humidity and its NO JOKE when your AC goes out.  Repeatedly.  I purchased...2 La Crosse Technology Temperature and Humidity Monitor and Alert Systems. Just thought I would share in case anyone else needs an inexpensive way to monitor and cool their home while away.

Customer Pics and Videos

Where do you mount your sensor?

Marc in Stoddard, WI mounted the sensor for his 327-1414W weather station off the corner of his deck. 

Around the house


Jon and Julie from Murfreesboro, TN have their S87078 with Bluetooth speakers in the living room next to their college colors.

    Jeremy from Charlotte, NC has his La Crosse Alerts Mobile with Wet Probe in his greenhouse to protect his treasured plants.


    Seth from Land to House LLC, reviews La Crosse Alerts Mobile.