Innovative Features from La Crosse Technology


New UltrAtomic® Technology

La Crosse Technology is introducing a line of radio-controlled clocks based on its innovative UltrAtomic® technology, designed to receive the phase-modulated enhanced WWVB broadcast signal that NIST has recently introduced. This line of products is the first and only one in the market to be based on this enhanced broadcast, offering unparalleled reception. UltrAtomic clocks operate even in the harshest conditions, where the signal-to-noise ratio interferes with radio-controlled clock reception using the legacy AM signal broadcast.






La Crosse Alerts Mobile

La Crosse Alerts Mobile systems help you gain peace of mind by remotely monitoring and protecting your home, office, vacation home or rental property while you're away. Add-on sensors also give you the flexibility to monitor multiple locations all through one easy-to-use mobile app.






Curved Display

Atomic time with the newest technology; The 617-249 has a blue curved display which offers a larger and easier to read display at all angles. Easy-to-use charging port for your phone while you sleep.






Bluetooth speakers

The 75910 LED alarm clock features Bluetooth speakers and will charge your mobile device while you sleep.