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The App says the device belongs to someone else

If you are trying to add your sensor/device to the app and you receive the message "Cannot Add Device" or "Device Already Registered," please confirm that you have entered the correct device ID in the app by pressing and releasing the SENSOR button on your weather station. This will rotate through the connected sensors displaying their device IDs on the station.  B's and 8's, 0's and o's, upper case I's and lower case L's can look similar.  Be assured, your device is not used, but the ID may have been inadvertently registered by another customer with a similar Device ID.

If the device IDs displayed match what is printed on the barcodes on the devices, you will need to contact customer support for further assistance. Please fill out the form HERE and include the below information in the Detailed Description section.

  • 9-Digit Device ID of the station (found on the back or side of the device)
  • 9-Digit Device ID(s) of the sensor
  • The email address that was used to create your La Crosse View account

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