Congratulations on your new La Crosse View connected item, and welcome to the La Crosse Technology family! Please use this 8-step guide to get your device up and running correctly.


Step 1: Power-Up Your Sensors
    - Breeze Pro Sensor
    - Add-On Sensors
Step 2: Power-Up Your Display
    - Batteries
    - Power Cord
Step 3: Confirm Display is Receiving Sensor Data
    - Add-On Sensors
Step 4: Make Sure Display is in Configuration Mode
Step 5: Download the La Crosse View App
Step 6: Create an Account and/or Log In
Step 7: Add Display to Your La Crosse View Account
    - Scan In Display's Device ID
    - Enter In Device & Location Names
    - Country, Postal Code, & "Opt Out" Checkbox
    - Connect to WiFi
    - Display Changes
Step 8: Getting Sensor Data in the App
    - Adding Your Sensors
    - Viewing Sensor Data - App Navigation

Step 1: Power-Up Your Sensors
If you have a new connected weather station, there's a good chance it came with some outdoor sensors. The first step in this process will be to install a new set of batteries in all of these sensors, and keep them near the display until they establish a connection. It is also recommended to keep these nearby throughout this entire process, just in case you need to add the sensor IDs into your app manually (step 8).

NOTE: We highly recommend use of reputable alkaline batteries for the best performance.

Breeze Pro Sensor

For users with our LTV-WSDTH01 outdoor sensor, you'll want to remove the insulation tab from the rechargeable coin cell battery compartment and make sure the sensor's switch is flipped to the ON position.

If you're having connection issues between this sensor and your display, please see our support page HERE.

Add-On Sensors

If you've purchased additional sensors for monitoring other areas of your home, you'll want to install batteries in these during this initial setup as well.

For users looking to add extra sensors, or even an additional display, into their La Crosse View account after this intial setup, please see our How To Add & Remove Devices page for further instruction.

Step 2: Power-Up Your Display
Be sure to first remove the insulation tab from the bottom of your display to get your backup coin cell battery working. If your model instead has a spot for AA or AAA batteries, feel free to install a set of new regular alkaline batteries for backup purposes (other battery types should be avoided).

Power Cord
Next, our WiFi connected displays will require use of the provided power cord. We recommend first plugging the power adapter into your wall outlet, and then into the display.

Step 3: Confirm Display is Receiving Sensor Data
Before connecting the device to WiFi, it is important that each of your sensors are reporting data to the display. You can check this by confirming that the dashes have turned into numbers on the screen. If your product did not come with external sensors, you can skip this step.

Add-On Sensors
For users setting up a station with add-on sensors, that sensor data may only be available in the Extra Sensor area of your display, or even just within your La Crosse View app. Displays with an Extra Sensor area will have an EXTRA or EXTRA SENSOR button, press and release this button to cycle through all available add-on sensors to see if they have synced with your display. Their data and Device ID should appear on screen when cycling through.

NOTE: Not all displays will have an Extra Sensor area, and not all add-on sensors will be compatible with this area. Please see our Sensor/Display Compatibility Chart for more details.

Step 4: Make Sure Display is in Configuration Mode
To prepare your display for WiFi connection, it must be put into Configuration Mode or “provisioning mode,” meaning it is searching for a new WiFi connection. Upon the initial startup, the display should perform this search automatically for about an hour, indicated by the flashing WiFi Indicator (IMAGE).

If your WiFi Indicator is no longer flashing on screen, press and hold down both the + and - buttons on the display until it begins to do so. This process will clear any previous WiFi connection and force the station to begin searching again.

NOTE: If you have an item that has a separate WiFi button on the back of the display, simply use this to put the device into Configuration Mode.

Step 5: Download the La Crosse View App
The La Crosse View App is currently only available on iOS (Apple) and Android smart devices. Use the links below to download the app now.


NOTE: A mobile device is required for WiFi connection and use of the La Crosse View app.

Step 6: Create an Account and/or Log In
After downloading the La Crosse View app, you’ll want to create an account and log in. New users will be walked through the steps above to confirm their display and sensors are up and running correctly. It is recommended at this point to continue following the on-screen prompts in the app.

Returning users looking to add a new device to their La Crosse View account, may want to review our How To Add & Remove Devices page.

Step 7: Add Display to Your La Crosse View Account
Scan In Display's Device ID
While continuing
to follow the app’s prompts, you’ll be asked to scan or type in your La Crosse Technology display’s Device ID. This can be found on the white sticker on the back, typically near our La Crosse View logo.

If the scanning process isn’t working on your mobile device, please try typing in the Device ID manually. Be sure to type in the characters correctly, lowercase “L’s” can easily be mistaken for number “1’s” and uppercase “B’s” are often confused for number “8’s,” or vise-versa. This ID is case sensitive.

NOTE: If you’re having trouble with this process and the app is displaying the incorrect product image and/or ID, or if you’re getting an error message such as “Device Not Found” or “Cannot Add Device because it is owned by another user,” please head to our FAQ page so we can help get this corrected.

Enter in Device & Location Names
After scanning and confirming your display's Device ID, you'll be asked to give this device (the display) a Name and assign it to a Location. If this is your first product, you'll need to create a new Location. No worries if these are not perfect here. You can always adjust them later on.

For tips on naming conventions or how to better organize Devices and Locations within the La Crosse View app, please see our page HERE.

Country, Postal Code, & "Opt Out" Checkbox
The following app screen will ask you to input your Country and Post Code. This information will provide your connected display with accurate forecast, time, and date data from the Internet. If you do NOT wish to receive these added services, be sure to tap the “Opt Out” checkbox on the bottom of this page. For most users, you’ll likely want to leave this unchecked.

To access these connected display settings after this initial setup, please review our page HERE.

Connect to WiFi
The final step in getting the display synced with your La Crosse View account will be to connect it to your home WiFi network. To do this, be sure your mobile device is connected to your home WiFi, this will be indicated at the top of the next Connect WiFi page within the app. Ideally, a separate 2.4GHz WiFi or Guest WiFi band should be used during this process.

On this page, simply enter in your WiFi password and tap CONFIGURE. The app will then begin trying and establish a connection between the display and your router. This can sometimes take a few tries depending on how your WiFi is set up, but the app should walk you through a series of instructions to help get your display connected.

For further help with this WiFi connection process, please see our WiFi Questions page.

Display Changes
Once connected, assuming you did not check the “Opt-out” checkbox, within the next few minutes you should see some updated information on your connected display, such as:
    - The WiFi Indicator is solid on screen
    - Your time & date information should have automatically been updated

And you should see additional Internet forecast information such as:
    - Chance of precipitation values
    - Daily high/low temperature predictions
    - Outdoor temperature
    - Wind direction
    - Additional forecast icons and more!

NOTE: Not all displays will have access to all of the Internet forecast elements described above. To learn more about what your specific product can do, please review your product page and manual by searching via your model number in the search at the top of this page. For assistance with finding your product's specific information, click HERE.

Step 8: Getting Sensor Data in the App
Adding Your Sensors
Upon getting the display connected to your home WiFi network, the ensuing app screen will inform you about how your connected sensors should be brought in. Essentially, within the next 15 minutes you should receive Add Device notifications within your La Crosse View app, indicated by the Red Cloud and the numbers inside of it.

Simply tap on this icon to view these Add Device notifications and begin adding your sensors into your account. For each sensor you’ll need to give it a Name and assign it to a Location, just like with the display.

If for some reason your sensor notifications do not come through within these 15 minutes, you may need to add them into your app manually. Please review our How To Add & Remove Devices page for instructions on this process.

Viewing Sensor Data | App Navigation
After the sensors have been added to your account, their data screens can be accessed by swiping left from the app's main display.

We highly encourage you to review our App Navigation and How to Edit Locations & Devices pages for a better understanding of how the app is organized and how to access specific information.