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My Station/Alarm was connected to Wi-Fi but will no longer connect

Whenever the issue of Wi-Fi connectivity occurs, the first thing to verify is that you have your device connected to a SEPARATE 2.4 GHz band of your router.

If you have a dual-band router you will be able to verify that you have a separate 2.4 GHz ONLY band by going to your Wi-Fi settings and seeing what named bands appear for you to connect to. If only one network is showing, you will need to set up a separate band for 2.4 GHz only. If you are unsure how to do that you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

For more information and helpful tips on connecting to Wi-Fi click HERE.

If you have confirmed you have a 2.4 GHz band of your router and you have been connected to it previously and recently lost the connection, please continue reading.

  • I have a Linksys or Mesh Router
  • Please fill out the form HERE completely to request a wi-fi extender, including the type and model of your router in the detailed description section of the form.  Ex. Linksys 6350 
  • If you have a different model router please watch the video below for how to proceed.

Having trouble viewing this video? Click here to view this on YouTube.

For more information and helpful tips click HERE.

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About Us

Who We Are

La Crosse Technology and our family of brands came from a vision that was started in 1983 by our owner and president, Allan McCormick.  Starting as one man with a mobile showroom that traveled all across the United States, that business has grown into La Crosse Technology, a multinational company that has kept our small-town philosophy of serving our customers at the highest level.  Over the years we have continued to expand, and now our family of brands offers a wide variety of easy-to-use products that deliver unsurpassed weather data, atomic time, and stylish accents for your home and office.


Our Brands

La Crosse Technology - Bringing Technology, Time and Weather together, the La Crosse Technology line offers wireless weather solutions and atomic timepieces that provide you with the data you need to plan your day with confidence

La Crosse Clock Company - Combining current trends and traditional favorites and blending style and function, the La Crosse Clock Company line offers a wide variety of decorative clocks that fit into anyone's home or office.

La Crosse Alerts Mobile - La Crosse Alerts Mobile systems help give you peace of mind by remotely monitoring and protecting your home, office, vacation home or rental property while you're away. Add on sensors also give you the flexibility to monitor multiple locations all through one easy-to-use mobile app.

La Crosse - Traditional thermometers and rain gauges meet innovative design with our La Crosse line of weather products perfect for your outdoor living space. And whether you're indoors or out, our weather alert radios provide access to current weather conditions and alerts.

Equity by La Crosse - The Equity by La Crosse line offers a wide variety of alarm clocks and wall clocks, from the very basic to more decorative offerings. Lots of great offerings for commercial environments too.


Our Location

Nestled in the bluffs of the beautiful Mississippi River Valley in Western Wisconsin, our sales, distribution and customer service staff are all located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.



Frequently asked question

Frequently asked question