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How to Add Your Weather Station to the App

Before adding your weather station to the La Crosse View™ app review Getting Started, to ensure your station and mobile device are set up properly. If you are adding your weather station after creating your new account then the app will guide you to this step.

If you are adding the weather station to an existing app then go to the main menu Main Menu and select Add / Edit > Devices icon  and ADD DEVICE to proceed.

The following steps will need to be completed to add your weather station to the app:

Add and confirm your weather station

  • Scan or manually enter your Device ID. Note: If your mobile device does not support the scanning feature or if your scanner does not capture the device ID, it can be manually entered in the Device ID field (Device IDs are case sensitive).

  • Confirm your device. A picture of your weather station and your Device ID will be presented.
    • Confirm YES if the Device’s picture and ID are correct.
    • If the Device’s picture and ID are not correct, select NO and enter the Device ID manually to try again.

You may receive the following messages after confirming YES on a device, depending on the device’s status:

  • Shared Device - This device is owned by another user and has been shared with you. Do you want to add this shared device to your account?
  • Device Already Exists - This device has already been added to your account. Do you want to add it again?

    Select Add Device to proceed through these messages. Select Cancel to discontinue.

    If you experience the following problems, go to Unable to add device or contact customer support to resolve your issue:

      • Device not found.
      • Unable to confirm device picture and ID.
      • Cannot Add Device - This device is owned by another user and cannot be added to your account without permission.

    Enter device and location names

    After you have confirmed your weather station, you can then name your device and the location you want to assign your device to.

    You can customize how you want to name and organize your devices and locations. See How to Edit Locations and Devices for more information.

    Note: Tips for naming devices and locations:

    • Device names should help identify the sensor type (i.e. Temp, Rain, Wind/Rain/Temp) or you can more specifically name your device by using other identifiers (i.e. Garden Rain, Basement Humidity, Backyard Weather).
    • Location names should identify the sensor’s placement in a broader setting (i.e. Home,
      Cabin, Mom and Dad’s).

    Enter information for display setup

    Your connected weather station can provide weather forecasting information from the National Weather Service (NWS) and can automatically synchronize the weather station’s time and date to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

    The weather station will need your Time Zone and 5-digit Zip Code to connect to these services. You should choose to “Opt Out”, if you do not want these services or if you live
    outside the U.S. For more information on the NWS or NIST click HERE

    Note: These options will be presented to you if you “own” your weather station display, if you are adding a shared display or have already added the display to your account, these options will not be presented to you and you will skip the next steps (connecting Wi-Fi and adding on display devices).

    Connect Wi-Fi

    Before connecting your weather station, ensure the Wi-Fi indicator icon is blinking on the station. If it is not blinking, then hold the PLUS and MINUS buttons together for 3 seconds to have your station search for your Wi-Fi.

    In the app, your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) will auto-populate with the Wi-Fi network your mobile device is connected to. Note: Your mobile device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your weather station will be connected to.

      • Enter your Wi-Fi Network Password, select the show icon Pwssword show if you want to reveal your password or hide icon Password hide to mask your password.

      • Select CONFIGURE to connect and provision your weather station to your Wi-Fi network. This process may take up to a minute to complete, so please do not exit the app.

    • If your weather station display is successfully provisioned then you will receive a confirmation message. Depending on your Wi-Fi network or mobile device, you may need to try to configure again. If app does not find your device then go to Unable to Connect Wi-Fi.

    After you have successfully connected your weather station to Wi-Fi, the app will send device notifications to your account to add the additional sensors displayed on your weather station. Follow the app's instructions or go to How to Add Additional Devices.


    Note: If you do not receive device notifications within 10 - 15 minutes after setting up your weather station display, you may need to manually add your devices. For further instructions, go to How to Add Additional Devices/Sensors.

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