Weather Direct to La Crosse Alerts Mobile TX60U-IT Migration

Moving your TX60U-IT(s) to La Crosse Alerts Mobile gives you more data views with a mobile app and opens the option to add different types of environment monitoring sensors.  To confirm your ability to migrate:

  • The TX60U-IT and gateway must be removed from your Weather Direct account.
  • Confirm you meet Mobile use requirements (computer users, review the Browser option). You may but are not required to use a mobile device.
Remove Weather Direct Registration

Login to your account at
  • Locate each TX60U-IT under My Devices and open to see Your Temperature Sensors.
  • Click on the Delete button for each sensor and click OK to Are you sure
  • Locate the gateway under My Devices and open the Overview.  No devices can remain registered to this gateway to move it.
  • Click on the Delete Gateway button; click OK to the Are you Sure?.
Register on La Crosse Alerts Mobile