World Leader for Digital Weather Stations

We first introduced self-setting atomic time instruments to the U.S. in 1991. We invite you to browse our quality selection of wireless weather stations, professional weather stations, atomic clocks, & wireless remote monitors with early-warning-alerts.

We offer the highest customer rated battery chargers in the industry.

Backyard Sensors Provide Accurate, Personal Weather

Wireless Backyard Sensors

Is the weather report different from what you experience in your backyard? Meteorologists use sensor data from all around your region to predict the weather for your entire community. The local weather report cannot account for the micro-climates on your street or in your backyard. Backyard sensors pinpoint the conditions around your home that are important to you.

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La Crosse Technology Table Top Thermometer

302-604P-TBP - Purple

Table Top Thermometer

The Indoor Comfort Level Station is an ideal measuring instrument for checking room ambient conditions. Comfort level icon registers a happy in optimum conditions (40-60%.) Checking indoor temperature and humidity can help achieve a comfortable and healthy living environment and may even save you heating costs. A perfect accent piece for any decor!

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