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What is La Crosse View?

La Crosse View is a FREE and easy to use mobile app designed to help you monitor your home environment and backyard weather conditions while you're on the go. Paired with one of our connected weather stations and variety of add-on sensors, you'll be able to set custom alerts, view data history, share devices with family and friends, and so much more.

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How it Works

1. Sensor Data Collection
Using a radio transmission, sensors collect and transmit data wirelessly to your weather station display.

2. WiFi Connection
Your indoor display will connect to your home WiFi network. This allows the unit to send its data as well as receive additional Internet weather information.

3. Data Storage
Your weather station data is sent to our servers, where it is stored for access when you need it.

4. La Crosse View App
Access device data and receive mobile alerts on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

App Features

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On The Go Monitoring

Give yourself peace of mind with access to all of your home and weather information anytime, anywhere.

App Navigation

Custom Alerts

Free push notifications will alert you when conditions move outside of your set ranges.

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Detailed Graph Data

View and export data from all of your devices through the La Crosse View app.

Share Devices

Easily share device data with family and friends. Each user will be able to customize their own alerts and app layout.

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Expand Your System

Add-on sensors give you the ability to monitor different areas of your home, both inside and out. Protect what's important to you.
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Subscription Plans

La Crosse View's most useful tools will always remain free, but our paid plans do offer access to more data and the ability to receive email alerts.

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Common Questions

Will it work with my internet?

Yes, our WiFi-connected products will work with any router meant for home use. This includes dual-band, mesh, and even 6.0 router types. For more information and assistance getting connected to WiFi, please review our support page HERE.

How do I get connected to WiFi?

Open the La Crosse View app and select "Connect Wi-Fi" from the main menu. The app will guide you through the WiFi configuration process, but should you need additional assistance, our support page HERE should be helpful.

Can I Use 5G?

Our WiFi-connected products will use your home router's 2.4GHz WiFi band to connect to the Internet. Contrary to what some may believe, ALL routers have a 2.4GHz transmitter built in. This 2.4GHz band is preferred for low data use devices, such as our weather station displays, as it will have a longer range and coverage to more places within your home. Our stations will not run off a mobile carrier network such as "5G Ultra Wideband" or a 5.0GHz WiFi signal. For assistance getting connected, please review our support pages HERE.

Is La Crosse View Free?

Yes, the La Crosse View app's most useful features will always remain free. These include remote monitoring, unlimited push notification alerts, history graphs, basic data exports, and select Data Streams. However, we do offer paid subscriptions for users who wish to view and export more data history as well as have access to email alerts. More details can be found on our subscription page HERE.

Why does it say my subscription is ending?

New La Crosse View users will receive a free month of our Enhanced Subscription Plan, but the basic functions (remote monitoring, unlimited push notification alerts, Data Streams, and graphs) will remain free of charge, even if you choose not to renew. Paid subscriptions enable viewing and exporting more data history and allow access to email alerts on top of the push notifications. More details can be found on our subscription page HERE.

Is La Crosse View available on a Desktop computer?

The La Crosse View app was designed for mobile devices, giving users access to their data on the go, and currently does not have a desktop equivalent. However, our developers are aware of this request and are hopeful to have an option for this in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How can I add or delete devices?

Unlike other products on the market, our sensors are easy to add and do not require WiFi connection. They send data wirelessly via radio transmission to the display, which will relay that data to our servers where it is stored for access via the La Crosse View app. Visit our page HERE for help adding or removing devices from your account.

How do I see my sensor data in the app?

Once your display and sensor(s) have been added into your La Crosse View app, organizing and viewing their data will obviously be important. Our App Navigation video and other "How To" topics HERE should help answer this and many other questions.

Will any sensor work with my station?

Though many of our connected weather stations and sensors are universal, some may have unique requirements or only offer the ability to pass data through to the app. Please be sure to check our compatibility charts HERE for confirmation. You can also use the search function at the top of this page to find compatible Parts & Sensors specific to your station. Simply start by typing in your station’s model number.  

Can I also connect to Weather Underground?

Currently, the only weather station models that support connection to both La Crosse View and Weather Underground are our V40A-PROV2, V40A-PRO, V40-PRO, and S84060. Other units will not support connection to Weather Underground.

Can I use the app without a connected product of my own?

La Crosse View is not a weather forecast application, it is meant to be used as a companion to our connected weather stations and sensors. However, any user is free to receive shared device data from family and friends. The app will just require at least one La Crosse View WiFi connected device between the parties to start receiving (and sharing) that data. See our page HERE to learn how to do this.

Why can't I see forecast information in the app?

La Crosse View is not a weather forecast application, it was designed to work as a companion to our connected weather stations and sensors, and its primary focus is to provide measurable data from these devices. At this time, forecast information is limited to our connected in-home displays only.

Can any weather station work with La Crosse View?

Only the models listed on our Compatibility Page will offer the WiFi connection capabilities required to send data to the La Crosse View app. All WiFi connected stations will have a Device ID and barcode printed on a white sticker (example below), typically found on the back or bottom of the main display. You can find our current selection of available WiFi-connected models HERE.

Device ID & Barcode Example

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