Accuracy Test

The best way to test accuracy is with a side-by-side test of the indoor and outdoor unit. All electronics have different tolerances. Comparing a La Crosse Technology sensor to a La Crosse Technology display allows us to test with known tolerances.

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CHECK CHANNELS: Some weather stations have a CH or channel button and can pick up a neighbors sensor on a channel that you believe your sensor is on. If your station has a CH or Channel button please press and release that button to determine if you are picking up more than one sensor.

CHECK MIN/MAX MODE: Please check that your display is not stuck in Min or Max mode, which will cause your temperatures to read incorrect.


BRING SENSOR TO DISPLAY: Please bring your outdoor transmitter inside and place it beside the display unit (no further that 1-foot away) for at least two hours.

COMPARE: Then compare indoor and outdoor readings; the Temperature difference should be no more than four degrees (+/- 2 degrees) Humidity can be up to 14% difference (+/- 7%).

*If the difference is greater, Place your sensor in the freezer for 20 minutes to be sure you are reading your sensor and not a neighbor's.

*If the sensor reads correctly while next to the display then try a different location outside. Look for heat sources such as sunlight, door or window frames, or reflected heat.  Check for the same things on whatever you are comparing the reading to.

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