Rain Sensor Placement/Mounting Instructions

Location of your rain sensor is important.

Note:  Temporarily secure sensors in place for a few hours before permanently mounting them, to be sure they will read to your clock or weather station from that location.

 Rain Sensors

  • Mount the sensor at least 6 feet off the ground and make sure it is level.
  • Choose an open area (50 feet all directions) for the most accurate rainfall reading.
  • Rain gauges require regular maintenance to remove leaves, debris and insects. Consider this when choosing a location.
  • While rain sensors cannot measure snowfall, they can be left outside all year long. Remove batteries when not in use.

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IMPORTANT: Some rain and wind sensors transmit to the temperature/humidity sensor and others send directly to the weather station display. Consider the transmission distance to the unit that will receive the signal when choosing a location to mount your sensors. If your sensors are corded, be sure to secure any additional cord from blowing around.

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