A Design for Every Style

Wall clocks serve a purpose beyond keeping time, they create interest in a room and bring a plan together by providing that finishing touch. To help you find the best fit for your home, we've compiled twelve key interior design styles and matched decorative clocks that complement each in the style guide below.

We hope you enjoy the journey and are able to find that perfect combination of design and function with your very own decorative wall clock.


Inspired by the sea and coastal living
Reflects the seaside - surf, sand and sky

Use of sisal, sea glass and linen
Accents indicative of coastal life
Lighter Colors: blue, green, beige, white

Coastal Design Inspiration


Simple, functional and practical
Polished su
rfaces, light and space is key
Use of texture and pattern
Accents provide pops of color
Colors: Neutral base - gray, cream, white

Commercial Design Inspiration


Incorporates multiple design styles
Multiple textures, prints and patterns
Elements uncharacteristically pair together
Colors: Earthy hues paired with
warm or cool color palettes

Eclectic-BoHo Design Inspiration

Farmhouse Chic

Exposed wood beams, shiplap, reclaimed wood
Use of vintage or antique accents combined
with complimentary new elements
Comfy furniture, wire baskets, plants
Neutral color palette, color accent pieces

Farmhouse Chic Design Inspiration

French Country

Soft patterned fabrics, botanical motifs
Distressed, painted & vintage furnishings
Natural stone and patina finishes
Faded soft colors: green, blue, pink, peach,
lavender with white, gray or beige foundation

French Country Design Inspiration


Inspired by old factories, warehouses and
industrial spaces: wood, metal & stone
Salvaged or recycled materials are common
Sharp shapes & silhouettes are utilized
Colors inspired by metal, concrete & brick

Industrial Design Inspiration


Clean lines minimalism
Elements in the room are intentional
Natural materials & natural light
No fuss furnishings, simple & clean
Neutral color palette

Modern Design Inspiration


No fuss aesthetic, comfortable furnishings
Materials that come from the earth
Real unprocessed woods, stone & brick
Textiles include jute, burlap & canvas
Colors: Subdued hues, earthy colors

Rustic Design Inspiration


Functionality, simplicity & craftsmanship
Natural materials, woods ash and beech
Exposed timber beams and wood floors
Wool and linen textiles, leather and glass
Warm muted colors: cream, gray, black

Scandinavian Design Inspiration


Timeless style incorporates Art & History
Sophisticated space with ornate details
Layers of pattern, texture, darkwood
Colors: Neutral walls, accents of red, brown,
green and warm jewel tones are prevalent

Traditional Design Inspiration


Blend of styles: modern with traditional
Focus is on comfort, minimal artwork
Organic textures, patterns & shapes
Color palette balances warm & cool tones
darker colors used as accents

Transitional Design Inspiration


Relaxation and resort-like luxury
Exotic décor, tropical plants & motifs
Balance of vibrant prints and artwork
Casual furnishings, use of rattan & bamboo
Colors: yellows, oranges, teals and greens

Tropical Design Inspiration