Wind Sensor Placement/Mounting Instructions

Location of your wind sensor is important.

Note:  Temporarily secure sensors in place for a few hours before permanently mounting them, to be sure they will read to your clock or weather station from that location.

Wind Sensors

  • Choose an open area (50 feet all directions) for the most accurate wind speed
  • The wind sensor should be the highest item in the area. Position the wind sensor at least 6 feet above the surface to which it is being mounted.
  • Wind sensors with directional vanes should be positioned according to the N, S, E, W directions on the sensor near the vane.
  • The preferred mast is made of wood or electrical grade PVC to avoid static.
  • If your sensor has replaceable batteries, mount it in a location accessible for maintenance.
  • For custom mounting use 1” Electric Metallic Tube (EMT) Conduit

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