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Wireless add-on sensors offer the ability to expand your system to fit your home's specific needs. Using the La Crosse View app to set alerts and track sensor data, a simple connected weather station or alarm clock can quickly become a complete home monitoring solution. Many of these in-home displays also offer Extra Sensor areas to conveniently show add-on sensor information as well. Give yourself some added peace of mind, and check out our resources below to learn more.

Add-on sensor bundle image
Add-on sensor bundle image

Add Sensors Into Your App
Click the red play icon above to learn how to add and remove devices in your La Crosse View app.

Display Add-On Sensor Example
Click the red play icon above to see an example of how add-on sensors can work on many of our connected in-home displays.

Not all stations and sensors offer the same functionality. Please be sure to review our
Sensor Compatibility Charts before purchasing additional sensors or stations.