Daylight Saving Time

Our Radio Controlled clocks, watches and weather stations receive an embedded radio signal from the Atomic Clock in Ft. Collins, Colorado that tells the product to change to or from Daylight Saving Time. Radio signals are subject to atmospheric and other types of interference. The signal is best received at night.

The antenna in your clock, watch or weather station is directional. It is not unusual for it to take 3-5 nights for signal reception to occur depending on location. Watch antennas are much smaller, so please allow extra time for them to change.

 How can I improve reception?

  • Have good plain alkaline batteries dated 7 years in advance or batteries that have been tested with a voltmeter reading 1.48 or higher. Batteries are the #1 warranty issue we see.
  • At night, place the clock, watch or weather station on a wall or in a window with the Front or Back facing Ft Collins Colorado. This allows the widest portion of the antenna to be positioned to receive the signal.
  • Be sure you have the correct Time Zone set on your device. If your clock, watch or weather station is not set to a North American time zone, it may not change for DST.
    • Atlantic - ATL -4
    • Eastern - EST -5
    • Central - CST -6
    • Mountain - MST -7
    • Pacific - PST -8
    • Alaskan - ALA -9
    • Hawaiian - HAW -10
  • If your clock, watch or weather station has a DST OFF feature, please be sure to have it turned ON. (Default is ON).
  • If your clock, or weather station has an ATOMIC OFF, RCC OFF or WWVB OFF feature, please be sure to have it turned ON.

What should I do if the time hasn't changed?

Please allow 3-5 nights for your Clock, Watch or Weather station to correctly change for the start of DST before contacting us. Often it is just an interference issue that will resolve on its own. Product specific information can be found by using the magnifying glass at the top of this screen. If the time has not set after 5 nights, please contact customer support using the below link.

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