Setting Alerts

La Crosse Alerts Mobile offers two types of alerts.

System Alerts

System Alerts include low battery notification and not seen/not connected alerts.  These alerts will automatically be sent if conditions are meet and cannot be adjusted. These alerts can be viewed on the sensor settings page. 

Conditional Alerts

Conditional Alerts require an Enhanced Service Plan. At a minimum one gateway plus one sensor or weather station registered to your account is also required. Alerts are sent via e-mail and/or text message. Conditional Alerts include sensor temperature, sensor humidity, probe temperature (if used) and an H2O pad (if used). H2O pads will only work with TX70U-IT and TX71U-IT sensors.

To set an alert click the red plus sign next to the reading.   Set the minimum and/or maximum reading and select how to receive the alert.  To save setting click Create Alert.  

To change an alert click the green check mark next to the reading.  Adjust the minimum and/or maximum reading.  To save the changes click Update Alert.

To delete an alert click the green check mark next to the reading.  Click Delete Alert.

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