A Windows PC is required to set a static ip. We support Windows 7/SP1, 8.1/Update 1, or 10. A factory reset eliminates the static ip. A static IP may resolve 2 or 3 blinks. Note to corporate users: see your system administrator for a building static ip, network and gateway assignment.

  1. Download and install the (aka Gateway Advanced Setup) software.
  2. Ensure the gateway has both AC adaptor and LAN network cable are plugged in.
  3. The Gateway Advanced Setup software finds all gateways on the network from related products.
  4. Locate the 8-digit serial number on the back of the gateway.
  5. Use the MAC drop-down in the Socket Communication box to make the Serial No. entry in the Settings box change. (If no change, then only one gateway powered on.)
  6. Confirm the serial number from Step 3 matches the Step 4 entry in Settings->Serial No box before you edit:
    • Edit the digits in the IP boxes to your new static IP value.
    • Change the Netmask and Gateway values only if required by your administrator
    • Uncheck the box that says DHCP.
    • Confirm your entry.
    • Click on the Set button to send this IP to your gateway.
    • Click on the Reboot button to restart the gateway.
    • Count the red blinks to determine if you now get 4 blinks; if so proceed to register.
    • If the Reboot ends in 3 blinks, try a power cycle to see if the gateway can get to four blinks.
    • If not, you may need to try a different static ip.
    • If your static ip fails, check the gateway for errors:
    • Note: If the Settings box is all 0’s, temporarily disable your firewall(s) to view the gateway, or use an off-network PC.
    • Find the Actual IP (grayed out on the same screen) and type that address into a browser address bar (Ex:
    • A blue screen entitled ERF-Gateway Settings and States should appear with a detailed summary.
    • Write down what the Data Server IP.
    • Write down what the time-stamp is. If the Data Server IP is anything other than “None”, it has contacted our server.
    • Perform a factory reset and retry a static IP (above).
    • If the Data Server IP is “None”, contact us for support.

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