Weather Direct Migration


Moving your TX60(s) to La Crosse Alerts Mobile gives you more data views with a mobile app and opens the option to add different types of environment monitoring sensors.

To confirm your ability to migrate:

The TX60 must not share a gateway with a Weather Direct forecast display (WD-#### or WA-####); gateways cannot share service across websites.  Also, verify you meet Mobile use requirements (computer users, review the Browser option).

Remove Weather Direct Registration

Login to your account at

Locate each TX60 under My Devices (left column), and open to see Your Temperature Sensors.
Optional: print screen any alerts service dates shown for the sensor, with serial number.

Click on the Delete button for each sensor (far right beyond Link Quality); respond OK to Are you sure?

Locate the gateway under My Devices and open the Overview. No devices can remain registered to this gateway to move it.

Click on the Delete Gateway button; respond OK to the Are you Sure prompt?.

Register on La Crosse Alerts Mobile

Factory Reset all components.
Register as a New User and watch our setup video