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104-1512BL 5 inch Dial Thermometer with Bracket - Blue

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104-1512BL 5 inch Dial Thermometer with Bracket - Blue

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  • Mount indoors or outdoors
  • Hang on screw or nail
  • Mounting bracket adjusts angle for easy viewing
  • Weatherproof thermometer



  • Temperature range: -60°F to 120°F


  • 5.25" Diameter x 0.70" Deep


La Crosse McCormick, LLC provides a 2-year limited warranty on this product against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Under the Song-Beverly Act, in the state of California, the warranty on this item becomes effective on the date of delivery.  

Send $5.00 with the date and proof of purchase to the following address. Please include the product model number and your complete address and phone number.

La Crosse McCormick Warranty Department 2830 South 26th Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601


  1. Remove the bracket from the thermometer and use the included screws to secure the bracket to a window frame or deck.
  2. Insert the thermometer onto the installed bracket and adjust to the desired viewing angle.  Choose a location that is not subject to direct weather elements.  An ideal location is out of direct sun, on the north side of a building or in a shady spot. 



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