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CA80765 Wattz 4-in-1 Projection Alarm Clock

SKU: CA80765

Regular price$55.99

Meet Wattz, a retro 4-in-1 projection alarm clock designed to fit your modern needs. Keep both your phone and smartwatch ready for action with the integrated 5W Qi-enabled charger, removable smartwatch stand, and included USB charging port. Remove the brightly lit display while sleeping by activating the projection light, which can project your time right onto your ceiling. Remain informed with easy to read time, date, temperature, and humidity readings right on the vibrant liquid crystal display.

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Projection on your ceiling
  • The Projection Arm can tilt forwards and backwards to adjust to the location of the projected image. This projections can also be rotated to display at just the right angle. Projection options include (1) time, (2) indoor temperature and humidity, or (3) cycle through both options.

5W wireless charger
  • Wattz comes built with a 3.55-inch wide wireless charging stand to fit nearly any phone on the market. Designed to charge in vertical or landscape position, you'll have full access to your phone's buttons and ports as well.

Time Alarm Sound
  • Designed to prevent an abrupt start to your day, Wattz uses a gentle beeping alarm where the sound will gradually become more frequent over a two minute period. If not deactivated or snoozed, the alarm will shut off automatically after the two minutes to prevent any ongoing annoyance to family members or neighbors in the event you forget to deactivate it.
  • Snooze Range: Customizable 5 to 120 Minutes

1 Amp USB charging port
  • In addition to the Wireless Charger, Wattz also comes with a built-in 1 amp USB Charging Port to power up another phone, smartwatch, or other device.
Smart watch stand
  • Combine the USB Charging Port, Magnetic Cable Organizer, and Smartwatch Stand with the provided Support Bracket to keep your nightstand uncluttered and fashionable. When not in use, the Smartwatch Stand can be tucked away into the integrated Storage Compartment on the bottom of the clock, and the Support Bracket neatly flipped around back into place

Display Modes
  • Simply tap the button on the side of the display to change the information on screen. The different display modes include: AM/PM and seconds, weekday with date, indoor temperature and indoor humidity. Activate the Cycle Mode to have Wattz transition between each display mode automatically.  

Magnetic cable organizer
  • The Magnetic Cable Organizer mounts to the back of the alarm and is designed to keep your external devices’ longer charging cables organized and secure.
Additional Features:
  • Temperature/humidity
  • 0.8-Inch Time Digits
  • LCD Brightness: 4 Intensity Levels + OFF (Auto-Dim Backlight Option)
  • Projection Brightness: 2 Intensity Levels + OFF




  • Indoor Temperature Range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Indoor Humidity Range: 10% to 99% RH
  • 1 amp USB charge port (not included)

Power Requirements:

  • Display: 5.0V Power Cord (included), The time and alarm settings will be saved for 6 minutes in the event it loses power. Full battery backup for extended times is not available.


  • Display: 8.39" L x 3.75" W x 4.76" H


Springfield provides a 1-year limited warranty (from date of purchase) on this product relating to manufacturing defects in materials & workmanship. 

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