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Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Monitor and Alert System with Wet Temperature Probe

SKU: D111.102.E1.WGH


Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels that effect sensitive plants in your greenhouse.* The system includes a wireless sensor with a 6 ft. stainless steel wet probe that measures water, soil or air temperature, and a gateway set to enable remote monitoring. Monitor indoor temperature and humidity with the sensor and hot tub or aquarium temperature with the detachable 6 ft. wet probe.* Receive e-mail & text alerts for temperature and humidity, connection loss & low battery.*


  • Greenhouses temperature and humidity
  • Backyard temperature and humidity
  • Utility room
  • Plants, gardens and greenhouses
  • Indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity


  • Includes one wireless temperature & humidity sensor with 6 ft. detachable stainless steel wet temperature probe, gateway, LAN cable & AC adapter. (Add up to 5 sensors per gateway.)
  • Measures ambient air temperature and humidity and probe temperature
  • 6 ft. detachable wet probe measures temperature of water, soil, air or other wet environments
  • Sensor LCD toggles temperature and humidity
  • Wall hanging or free standing weather resistant case
  • Sensor transmits to gateway in 200 ft. range
  • Humidity: 3% to 99% (%RH) and Temperature: -40°F to 140°F
  • 2 “AAA” Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • The gateway connects to an existing router to upload measurements to lacrossealerts.com for remote monitoring and alerts.*(Internet and network router required, not included).

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