WS-7095U Wireless Forecast Station

SKU: ws-7095u


WS-7095U Wireless Forecast Station

Series Model Numbers:

  • WS-7095U
  • WS-7095UM

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  • Indoor temperature/humidity (°F or °C)
  • Wireless outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Can display data from three possible wireless outdoor temp/humidity sensors
  • Min/Max temperatures with time and date recording
  • Air pressure display with 24 hour history bar chart
  • Weather forecast icons and pressure trend indicator
  • Wireless rain gauge
  • Rainfall amount for the last hour, last 24 hours and total amount
  • Rainfall bar chart history for the last 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months
  • US/Metric capability for all data
  • Manually set time and date with automatic moon phase
  • Wall hanging




  • Indoor temperature range: +14°F to +140°F
  • Indoor Humidity Range: 20% to 95%
  • Absolute air pressure hPa: 700 hPa to 1099 hPa
  • Relative air pressure hPa: 970 hPa to 1030 hPa
  • Hekto-Pascal setting (hPa): 1 hPa to 4 hPa
  • Air Pressure History: for the past 24 hours

Included TX4U Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor

  • Outdoor temperature range: -21.8°F to 157.8°F
  • Outdoor Humidity range: 20% to 95%
  • Transmission range: Up to 80 Feet
  • Transmission frequency: 433 MHz

Included TX5U Wireless Rain Sensor

  • Transmission frequency: 433 MHz

Power Requirements:

  • Display: 2 "AA" Alkaline battery backup (not included)
  • TX4 Sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries
  • TX5 Sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries


  • Display: 4.50" L x 1.00" W x 7.00" H
  • TX4U Sensor: 2.87" L x 2.36" W x 4.76" H
  • TX5U Sensor: 7.50" H x 4.50" Diameter



La Crosse Technology, Ltd. provides, to the original purchaser, a 1-year limited time warranty (from date of purchase) on this product, relating to manufacturing defects in materials & workmanship. The item will be either repaired or replaced at La Crosse Technology's discretion.

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