Wireless Weather Station with La Crosse Alerts

Wireless Weather Station
with La Crosse Alerts Mobile™

Monitor your indoor environment & backyard weather with this easy to use Weather Station.

The indoor display monitors barometric pressure to provide your own localized weather forecast. It also monitors indoor temperature & humidity, & features time, date & calendar. Stay alert with weather alarms including storm warning. Wireless Outdoor Sensors record wind speed, wind chill, wind direction, rainfall, humidity & temperature. All batteries are included.

Includes La Crosse Alerts Mobile™ Remote Monitoring Options

Remotely monitor your weather station data while you're away.* Login to lacrossealertsmobile.com to view your data online with your smartphone, tablet or computer.* There is NO software or app. to install. Simply activate your device and start monitoring today. You can even receive text & e-mail alerts based on your own custom settings.*

IT-915MHz Wireless Instant Transmission

Easy to Use Wireless Weather Station Wireless Wind Sensor Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor Wireless Self-emptying Rain Sensor
Login with a smartphone tablet or computer Remote Monitoring from your smartphone Remote Monitoring and Alerts: Low Temperature Alert Text Message or E-mail Internet Gateway for Remote Monitoring and Alerts: Temp, Humidity, Wind, Rain and Pressure

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Wireless Weather Station (WS-2816AL)

  • (A) Stand-alone Weather Station works
    without a computer or Internet access
  • Forecast with tendency is based on changing barometric pressure for an accurate forecast
  • Forecast icons: sunny, partly cloudy & stormy
  • Indoor / outdoor temperature
  • Indoor / outdoor relative humidity
  • Temp./humidity MIN/MAX records with time/date
  • Wind chill
  • Relative air pressure & 24/72hr. history graph
  • Wind speed with MIN/MAX time & date
  • Wind direction with compass
  • Wind gust with MAX time/date
    (Weather Station only)
  • Rainfall for last hour, 24hr., week, month & total
  • Weather alarms for temperature, humidity, wind gust/direction, pressure, 24 hr. rain & storm warning (Weather Station only)
  • LCD contrast setting for easy viewing
  • Stores over 1750 sets of weather records
  • 12/24 hr. time & calendar (date/month/year)
  • Manual time (with stand-alone weather station)
  • Internet time/date sync (with Internet gateway)
  • Wall hanging or free standing
  • Batteries included
  • (B) La Crosse Alerts™ + Internet Gateway (included) turns your stand-alone weather station into a remote monitor with auto alerts (Internet-enabled device & router required).*

IT-915MHz Instant Transmission Wireless Sensors

  • Solar Powered Wind Sensor monitors backyard wind speed, direction & gust.
  • Thermo-Hygro Sensor monitors backyard temperature & humidity
  • Wireless Rainfall Sensor monitors backyard rainfall & empties itself.

La Crosse Alerts Mobile™ Remote Monitoring with Text / E-mail Alerts (included)

La Crosse Alerts Mobile™ turns your stand-alone weather station into a remote monitor with auto alerts.* It's simple. There is no software Required. Once you Create an account and Activate your weather station, simply use your smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely monitor your home environment and backyard weather on lacrossealertsmobile.com. You can even receive automatic text and e-mail alerts based on your settings for in/out temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind and rain.*

NEW USER? It's easy start remote monitoring.

  1. Register and create your own account on lacrossealertsmobile.com.
  2. The app has Expantion options near the bottom of the main screen to Add your New Gateway and Sensor to the account with Instructions
  3. Need more help or have any problems, First check out The Support Site

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Wireless Weather Station (WS-2816AL)

  • Stand-alone Weather Station works without a computer or Internet access.
  • IN temp.: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
  • OUT temp.: -40°F to 139.8°F (-40°C to 59.9°C)
  • IN/OUT humidity: 3% to 99% RH
  • Wind chill: down to -40°F (-40°C)
  • Air pressure: Preset range 27.10 to 31.90 inHg (inHg/hPa)
  • Wind speed: 0 to 111.8 mph (km/h, m/s, knots & Beaufort scale)
  • Wind direction: 16 points / 22.5 degrees
  • Rainfall: 0 to 393.7 inches (0 to 9999.9 mm)
  • Weather records: stores 1750 sets (15 min. to 2 hr. intervals)
  • 3 "C" Alkaline batteries
  • 8.665" L x 1.594" W 6.795" H (220.1 x 40.5 x 172.6 mm)

Included La Crosse Alerts™ Remote Monitoring and Alerts (optional)

  • Connect the included Internet Gateway, AC adapter & LAN Cable to your existing network router for remote monitoring & alerts on lacrossealertsmobile.com.*
  • The Internet Gateway sends weather data to your lacrossealertsmobile.com account.
  • Requires an Internet-enabled device, Internet access & a network router.

IT-915MHz Instant Transmission between Weather Station & Sensors

  • Extends wireless range to 200 Ft.
  • Extends battery life
  • Updates weather data every few seconds

Wireless Solar-Powered Wind Sensor (TX63U-IT)

  • 200 Ft. wireless range
  • High-efficiency solar panels maintain operation in every season
  • Solar cell charges internal battery
  • 100% solar-powered (built-in power cell, no batteries necessary)
  • 9.84" L x 5.74" W x 7.57" H (250 x 145.9 x 192.3 mm) w/out mounting base

Wireless Thermo-Hygro Sensor (TX59UN-1-IT)

  • 200 Ft. wireless range
  • 2 "C" Alkaline batteries
  • 3.13" L x 3.54" W x 7.45" H (79.4 x 89.8 x 189.3 mm)

Wireless Self-Emptying Rainfall Sensor (TX58UN-IT)

  • 200 Ft. wireless range
  • 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries
  • 5.2" DIA. x 7.2" H (131.6 DIA. x 182.7 mm)

Download Weather Station Hardware Manuals (WS-2816AL)

Quick Set Up Manual [PDF]

Complete User Manual [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

#1 Support Issue

New Batteries:
Use name-brand alkaline batteries dated at least 7 years in advance. Test the battery voltage to ensure it is at least 1.48 on a voltmeter that reads in numbers.

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Top Solutions for Weather Stations

Outdoor temp shows dashes
Missing display segments
Time is off (Time Zone / WWVB)
Pressure graph constantly flashes
Wind speed is inaccurate
Rain reads 0.00
Rain reads low
Solar display goes blank in low light
Temperature changing constantly
Day of week is in different language
Where do I find a manual
Wind cups broke or fell off
Daylight Saving Time change
Common troubleshooting steps
How or where do I mount the sensor
Troubleshooting by model number
Projection will not stay on

Top Solutions for LaCrosse Alerts Mobile™

(1) Batteries: Test the battery voltage to make sure the batteries work. The voltage should be 1.48 or higher on a voltmeter that reads in numbers.

(2) Manual: We know you don't like reading manuals. Neither do we. To make it easy, we replaced the La Crosse Alerts™ manual with step-by-step instructions on Our Support site to guide you through setup & answer questions along the way.

(3) Check the location: Is the La Crosse Alerts™ device within 200 Ft. or less from the Internet gateway for good reception?

(4) Not working: Devices recover from most issues in 24 hours. If it does not recover on its own, unplug the Internet Gateway for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

(5) Network router: La Crosse Alerts™ devices work with most network routers. If you need a network router to connect your Gateway to the Internet, we recommend the following network router.