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Weather Direct Audio Series

SKU: WA-Series


Weather Direct - Audio

Series Model Numbers:

  • WA-1030U
  • WA-1140U
  • WA-1240U
  • WA-1340U
  • WA-1440U

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Weather Direct® by La Crosse Technology® gives you easy access to the same quality weather as meteorologists 24 hours-a-day without turning on a TV or a computer! It works without Wi-Fi, there's NO software to install, and the forecasts are totally FREE. NO subscription required.


All models feature automatic time and date, time alarm, forecasts for the daily high and low temperature and sky conditions. Most feature indoor temperature.

High-speed Internet access and a network router are required. Easy web-based set up allows you to select the forecast location and other information for the display. Once the simple set up is complete, the system works automatically without a computer. You can login at any time to customize your options.The Weather Gateway connects to your network router with the included LAN cable to send secure, wireless forecasts to the display device - 24 hours a day without turning on a TV or Computer. A wireless range of 330 feet allows you to put the wireless display almost anywhere you want.

Battery life is more than two years. The system includes a wireless display, wireless outdoor temperature sensor with mounting hardware, and a secure Weather Gateway with LAN cable and AC adapter. Installation is simple and can be completed in minutes without special tools or skills.

Weather Direct® range with MSRPs from $59.95 to $149.95, depending upon features.


Springfield provides a 1-year limited warranty (from date of purchase) on this product relating to manufacturing defects in materials & workmanship. 

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